Sandy Sudduth


Founder and President Bethany Greeley lost her heart to India in 1970. Named the first Community Ambassador for the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan, she was sent on an all-expense paid trip to India that summer. “I never got Mother India out of my system, though my mother always wished I would!” she says. In a sense, at 18, Bethany learned what it meant to be a sponsored child.

Rather, for 50 years she has visited, studied, learned and volunteered. In 2014, with the inspiration and dedication of her friend of then 10 years, Suresh Singareddy of Hyderabad, she created One Child at a Time USA, Inc. They know education is a determining influence, between life and death, in India.

Her faith life, Yoga, writing, the natural world, world peace and being kind are Bethany’s interests. She considers her community the world, and loves all sentient beings. “Will you join me in sponsoring a child,” she asks. “It will be one of the most selfish acts you ever commit.”

Bethany lives in Americus, Georgia, the city where Habitat for Humanity was founded.

Pentareddy is not only our bilingual Board member; he is a man blessed to be born in India. For 10 years, Suman worked in programming and handling critical data produced in oncology, vaccine and respiratory disease studies. He now serves as Programming Team Manager for Pharm-Olam LLC, RTP of North Carolina, a CRO working on clinical trials. He is focused on helping clients prepare presentations of the Statistical Analysis/Results to the FDA and develop regulatory submissions for drug approvals. Suman holds a masters in industrial engineering from the University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad, India.

Gifted with great intelligence, Suman also possesses an OCATUSA heart: “Helping Kids to achieve their dreams through education is a blessing!”

I am a seasoned adolescent and family therapist, passionate about working with children, adolescents, and families. I earned my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston University and have spent over a decade providing services to the most high- risk families throughout the United States. I currently work in New York City.

Additionally, I have participated in developing, implementing, and managing programs throughout the country and help the staff meet the needs of their communities.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, anything related with food, and photography. I am very honored to be a part of this amazing organization.

As a licensed Speech Pathologist and a certified Psychoanalyst, I have spent much of my life working with children and counseling individuals and families. It has been my joy to see love and understanding grow when people are committed to establishing lines of communication within a safe environment. I have been honored to set up fund raisers for families in need through local organizations and churches.

My work has included teaching in community colleges and universities, where I established guidelines for students entering degree programs in speech remediation and counseling. As the director of a hospital speech and hearing department, I provided free clinic programs for families who were coping with challenging situations, caring for children and adults at home.

Being a member of the board for OCAT provides me with an opportunity to serve others.

Mary Nelsen was born and raised in Southern California and is currently a resident of New Hampshire. A mother of three adult children and two grandchildren, she has devoted much of her life to helping children, youth and their parents.

Beyond her work as a child care provider, Brownie leader and mother’s helper, Mary is a gifted mixed media artist, selling her work in New England galleries. She also serves as a community connector for the Love Your Brain Foundation.

For 25 years, Mary has helped others heal through intuitive counseling, saging, tap tuning and vibrational raising. Known as the Sage Lady, ( Mary provides spiritual guidance and cleansing for individuals, in person and long distance. She joined the OCATUSA board in 2019.

Working with children and families her entire professional life, newest board member Sandy Sudduth of Georgia most recently retired as a trainer after more than 20 years with the Georgia Office of the Department of Family and Children Services.

In this position, she trained professionals working in child and adult protective services, foster care and adoption.

Sandy has also worked in public and private settings, including the courts, hospitals, preschools, universities and training centers.

“Even when I was home with my children or now when I spend time with my grandchildren, I have felt a call to give youth a good start. I know what power support can bring to families, especially those in need,” she said.