OCATUSA is Making History. You Are Invited to be Part of the Story

In 2014, two committed individuals decided they wanted to improve the lives of Indian children living in a south-central slum, in Hyderabad, India. Friends --- Suresh Singareddy of Hyderabad and Bethany Greeley of the US--- knew that, without education, these children would be relegated to short, painful lives of poor health, hunger and exploitation. Their vision was simple: to reach and teach the disadvantaged, not as a giant organization, but as a totally volunteer organization, one child at a time.

A Board was organized around the possibility that lives could be changed – both the children’s and their benefactors, who agreed to sponsor the education. As a result, "One Child at a Time, USA, Inc.," was incorporated in the US. Quite incredibly, the US government granted our nonprofit status on India’s Independence Day, August 15. We are a 501(C) 3, offering education and holistic support to vulnerable children. Some of our children have two parents, others just one or a legal guardian.

Over the years, our efforts have touched the lives of some of the poorest children and their families in Hyderabad, India. In 2024 and 2025, OCATUSA’s first batch of sponsored children will graduate, completing their tenth standard education. Discussions around helping individual students continue with higher education and specialized training will be held on a case-by-case basis.

Armed with the ability to read and write English, as well as other powerful skills they have learned, OCATUSA children escape the web of poverty and exploitation.

OCATUSA is a modest, joyous example of people helping people. Our small organization thus contributes to the cultures of the East and West working together, in the name of the future of the planet.