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One Child at a Time: An effort to reach to every needy child.

Our Vision:
Every child is loved, cared for, experiences goodness and human dignity, and has the opportunity to grow up to her/his fuller potential, through the unified/universal efforts of generous people dedicated to the common cause of child-centered development.

Our Mission:
OCAT is grounded in integrity; dedicated to possibility and operates in full transparency and accountability.

We pledge to:

Create a network of like-minded people and entities, working toward theholistic development of vulnerable and underprivileged children.
Restore childhood, protect the rights of marginalized children, end all forms of child labor and insure children grow up in a healthy environment of love and freedom.
Promote sponsorships and facilitate relationships, based on the principles of mutual respect and support for needy children.
Provide long-term education (technical, vocational and academic) and healthy supports to disadvantaged children, according to need and capacity.