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We can end poverty by supporting One Child at a Time
We can end poverty.We can promote globe-spanning friendships and world peace.We can bring a new sense of meaning into our life and the lives of others.

Poverty,disability and disease rob a child of childhood and hinder the growth of personality.The child who lives an inhuman existence finds it hard to develop a sense of purpose or place, growing up unable to contribute to society.

We believe we grow to the extent we help others grow.Disadvantaged children give us an opportunity to reach out and be true neighbors.As citizens of the world,OCAT sponsors help vulnerable children losing their childhood to poverty and exploitation.

Sponsorship encourages us to make giving our habit, making all the difference in a child’s life.Acts of giving generate peace, happiness and connection, bringing hundredfold blessings to the lives of the sponsor and the child.Sponsor support strengthens a child’s faith in humanity and promotes the development of a positive and confident outlook.

You can make a difference, by assuring a needy child the basic supports, education and encouragement. Join OCAT today as a sponsor. Your $360 a year will change a life!