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Mrs. Vijaya and Mr. Raja Reddy Thumma, Our Inspiration!

Father Francis Memorial High School was founded by Mrs. Vijaya and Mr. Raja Reddy Thumma with a noble intention of providing quality education to children from economically poor families. 

The school is named after a well known social worker, Father Francis Thumma, who died in a car crash in 2001. Fr. Francis was a life-spring for thousands of poor children in Hyderabad, so attentive to their wellbeing and education. 

Vijaya and Raja Reddy work with a devoted, dedication and understanding of children, providing a solid learning and friendly environment to the students. Students receive a good English education from nursery to 10th grade. The School has, excellent learning, including a science lab, computer lab and library, as well as playground. 

Apart from a good education, OCAT children receive well rounded care and support from the entire staff.