India has over 472 million children below the age of 18.Half of these children do not receive adequate nutrition and health care, and only 30
percent study beyond grade 10. OCAT leaders don’t see poverty,we see potential.We recognize the uniqueness and human dignity of every child and believe all children are born with innate talents and potential.We simply need to provide children with opportunities to grow and develop,To become world citizens,While simultaneously helping them realize their dreams.

What does OCAT do with funds donated by sponsors?

We make sure children are attending schools recognized for good academic standards and we pay the required school fees. We give poor children school uniform, notebooks, textbooks, school bags and stationery.Many children drop out of school because they lack simple school supplies, which families consider unaffordable! Providing notebooks and other supplies motivates children to go to and stay in  school. Books are empowering, helping poor children develop knowledge and skills. We provide a specialized education when school is not enough. We offer a regular health checkup to each child, and share information on health and nutrition with children and their mothers.

Hi all. I am Nithanya Paul. I have not seen my parents. I don’t know who they are. I was a small boy when OCAT found me living with my helpless grandparents. It was a great blessing when OCAT came forward with its helping hard and sent me to school 6 years ago. Thankfully I am studying 8th grade and enjoying my schooling like the other children of my age. I thank OCAT and my sponsors Adrien and Ed Helm for their kind concern and help. I want to become a train driver, and help travellers and people around me….

Hi Good morning. I am Saniya Mohammad. I lost both my parents when I was very young. I live with my aunt, younger sister of my mother. Five years ago I could not imagine of going to school. At that time OCAT came into my life and gave hope. I was helped to go to school and made my education possible. I am now studying in 7th Grade at Fr. Francis Memorial High School. I am regular to school. I am studying well and scoring good grades. I dream of becoming a Doctor and help poor people. I thank OCAT, my sponsor Nathan Wiles and my teachers who are helping me to move forward and achieve my dream….

Hi I am Manogna, studying 8th grade. My father works as a day labourer and has no steady income. It was hard for my parents to provide me with food and clothing. Going to school only remained a dream. When my father was unable to send me to school OCAT come forward to help me. Since 6 years I am getting help for all my school needs from OCAT. I want to become engineer and I thank my sponsors for helping me to run after my ambition…
Hi friends. I am Priya Kumari studying 7th grade at Fr. Francis Memorial High School, Hyderabad. 6 years ago I was unable to go to school because of my sickly father and helpless mother. It was really God sent when Ms. Bethany Knight came forward to send me to school through OCAT Foundation. Thankfully I am in 7th grade now and want to become a teacher. I was heartbroken when I lost my father in the month of June this year (2019) due to prolonged lever disease. But it is with the care and confidence I receive from OCAT and my sponsor Bethany, I am able to move on…