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Help Put A Smile On A Child's Face

Have you felt powerless when watching televised news of the world?

Do you wonder what you could possibly do to reduce the suffering of children?

We like to think that sponsoring a child through One Child at a Time will not only improve that child’s future and the world in general, but your life as well.

In India, a child’s parents can decide school is not possible, simply because they cannot afford paper and a pencil! Yes, an 8 year old boy or girl can end up as a day laborer, instead of a first grader…for lack of basic school supplies.

Can you afford to sponsor a child?

Can you spare $1 a day?

You decide.

Just $360 a year, that is all you need to contribute to change a child’s life, to transform her from a laborer to a student.

Our partner organization, OCATIndia, carefully screens potential children, ages 3 to 12 for sponsorship, assessing their circumstances, genuine need and potential. Once the children are motivated to go to school and selected for sponsorship, we create a packet of pertinent information to share with you and your family.

Do you have a child? Wouldn’t it be a great learning experience, a true opportunity to practice giving, if you sponsor a child in Hyderabad, India, who can virtually grow up with your child? Think of the communication between these two young people! Suddenly, India is more than just a place on the map.

OCAT founders and sponsors believe we grow to the extent we help others grow. Disadvantaged children give those who can afford to sponsor an opportunity to reach out and be true neighbors. As citizens of the world, OCAT sponsors help vulnerable children who are losing their childhood to poverty and exploitation.

For not only are millions of Indian children robbed of an education, many also may face horrible futures that can include begging, slavery and even sexual trafficking.

We invite you to review your finances and search your heart. We like to encourage folks to commit to a child until s/he reaches age 18. Of course, if there is an interest in sponsoring a higher education, we won’t stop you!

And, if you decide you want to change the world by becoming a sponsor of One (or More!) Child at a Time…Contact us today!