A group of committed individuals working for improvement of lives the poor came together with a new initiative to work support the most disadvantaged children in a way that can that can transform the lives of children as well as sponsors . “One Child at a Time” was formed to give long-term and holistic support to vulnerable children.

In the last 6 years our efforts have touched the lives of some of the poorest children, their families and communities in India. We are reaching out to some of the most vulnerable groups of children caught of web of poverty, disease and exploitation. We have worked on the family and community development programs specially working with the mothers in the rural villages. Our initiatives have resulted in economic and social empowerment of women and their families. We have helped over 2000 children to receive good education and health care through regular monthly support. We rescued children at the doors of death and helped them not only survive but also bloom in their unique talents. Our efforts have touched the lives of HIV infected and affected children, children of lepers, street children, physically challenged, orphaned and those victimized in bonded labor and physical& sexual exploitation.

One child at a Time is an initiative taken by a team of people, who have deep desire to help the needy children. The founders have long years of experience in working with child development, child rights and child welfare organizations. We believe that if there has to be any lasting change every development activity has to be inclusive of children.

India has over 400 million children who are below the age of 18. While half of these children do not have access to basic needs like nutrition and healthcare only 10% of these children are able to study beyond 10th grade. We don’t see poverty, we see potential. We recognize human dignity of every child and believe that all children are born with innate talents and potential to develop into persons fuller selves. All that we need to do is to help these kids with the opportunities to grow and develop and be world citizens. Having lack of opportunities is never the fault of children hence the society’s responsibility to cater to the needs of children and help them experience childhood and grow up as successful persons able to realize their dreams.

You can make a difference, by assuring a needy child the basic supports, education and encouragement. Join OCAT today as a sponsor. Your $360 a year will change a life!