Suresh Singareddy: Executive Director of OCATIndia, Co-founder OCATUSA, Inc.

At the age of 22 (as member of Society of Montfort Brothers) young Suresh Singareddy volunteered to live among the most primitive Savara tribe of Andhra Pradesh, India for a year. Later, he lived as a slum dweller for another two years, in the big city of Hyderabad.

Living on a budget of less than $15 a month in the slum, Suresh experienced a life of poverty and subjugation. As he gathered the children and began teaching them, he realized the potential and gifts of the poor.

Now a law graduate with a masters degree in social work and journalism, Suresh, 44, believes, “Education is the best gift we can give to children.” He is also a strong advocate for protecting precious childhoods, by insuring the safety, well-being and basic rights of all children.

Apart from working with children and promoting OCAT, Suresh teaches courses on Civil Rights, Sustainable Development and Culture, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Motivation and NLP to youth and development professionals across the world. Suresh’s wife Neeraja Gopu, formerly a computer programmer, now takes care of home and volunteers for OCAT. Their 11 year old son Anish Paul loves mathematics, playing piano and enjoys painting and playing cricket. 

Bethany Knight: Cofounder and President of OCATUSA, Inc.

 In 1970,18-year old Bethany Knight was selected Kalamazoo (Michigan) Community Ambassador, receiving an all expense paid, three month trip to India to promote world peace. Thus, her lifetime love affair with Mother India began! During her many stays in India, she studied yoga and became a certified yoga instructor in the tradition of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. 

Raised in a family that practiced brotherly love and social action, Bethany says Girl Scouting also shaped her identity as a Citizen of the World.  

Bethany has worked in the private, public, profit and nonprofit sectors, as an executive and writer. A licensed nursing home administrator, she has written three books of inspiration for long term care workers ( free ebook on seated yoga can be downloaded at

A mother and grandmother, she credits Jesus and Buddha for helping her realize that every child is hers. Consequently, OCAT’s mission is Bethany’s personal job description. Her prayer is that everyone able to share resources with India’s most needy will do so, increasing the presence of peace on the planet.

She and her husband Dr. Thurmond Knight live in Vermont and Connecticut, and are happy to be sponsors of OCAT children.

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